Zend Platform on Windows

Since Zend offers their product ZendPlatform free for developers in combination with ZendStudio I thought to give it another try. Unfortunately it didn’t go without problems. During the install I got the error “Can’t register node”.

Zend Support says:

Please open a terminal window (“cmd”) on the machine which the error occurred and run the following command inside of it: “<PLATFORM INSTALLATION FOLDER>\sbin\php.exe” “<WEB SERVER DOCUMENT ROOT>\ZendPlatform\client\registerWithZC.php” <This server address[:port]> <This server alias> <SSL support> <This server GUI path> <Zend Central password>
<PLATFORM INSTALLATION FOLDER> is usually C:\Program Files\Zend\ZendPlatform-2.2.0\
<This server alias> should be the same value as “zend_central.node_address” directive in zend.ini .
<This server GUI path> is usually “/ZendPlatform/”.
This command should take a couple of seconds to complete and should end with “success!”.

In my case I used:

C:\Programme\Zend\ZendPlatform-2.2.0\sbin>php “C:\projects\ZendPlatform\client\registerWithZC.php” “myserver” “myserver” “0” “/ZendPlatform/” “mypassword”

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