Firefox: Open search box results in new tab

After updating to Firefox 2 I decided to try to get rid of some extensions, which I don’t really use.
One of them was an extension for tabbed browsing which is now supported by Firefox to full extent.

To open results from the search box in a new tab follow these steps:

  • type ‘about:config’ in adressbar – press enter
  • type ‘’ in filter.
  • double click on this preference to set it ‘true’
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2 Responses to Firefox: Open search box results in new tab

  1. ventureskills says:

    neat tip
    I think open search implementation in Firefox is a great feature we have been experimenting with Google Custom search engine recently and with a small xml document Firefox picks it up directly of the site
    By the way have you spotted the spell checking facility, I find it so useful along with storing sessions when things crash.

  2. houman says:

    Thanks. I’ve been looking through all sorts of menus and options to try to figure this out. Why did they change it anyway? I thought this was a great feature of firefox as compared to the new IE7 where search results show in the same tab which annoyed the hell out of me. But it just goes to show how adaptable firefox is, just a simple boolean.

    And to the comment posted above, the spelling feature is very very nice.

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