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Interesting article on references in PHP

Johannes Schlüters wrote a very interesting article on references in PHP. Already its title “Do not use PHP references” hints on its main conclusion: References in PHP are bad. Do not use them. They hurt and will just mess with … Continue reading

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Ubuntu: Diff tool with file browser integration

Having installed a new Ubuntu VM (for testing purposes) I was looking for visual diff tool with nice UI integration. Windows users: think of WinMerge being launched by selecting two files in Explorer and compare them from the context menu. … Continue reading

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Throughout the last weeks and month I made experiences by myself to that subject. Lately I found two very nice statements about this topic: First an article title “The Number One Developer Productivity Tool” (via @weierohpinney) which refers to an article … Continue reading

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25 Jahre SWR1 Leute

Die SWR1- Sendung “Leute” feiert heute ihr 25. Jubiläum. Dazu herzlichen Glückwunsch ! Ich habe den Leute-Podcast seit 4.9.2006 (damals zu Gast: Prof. Dieter Jauch, Direktor der Wilhelma) abonniert und seither auch fast keine Folge verpasst. Über die Zeit kamen … Continue reading

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Using Minify in a Zend Framework project

Minify is a project to help you improve your website performance by grouping, compressing and caching CSS and/or JS files. To use it in a Zend Framework project I suggest the following steps: 1. Download und unpack Minify 2. Split … Continue reading

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Strange effects with phing in Mac terminal app

When using phing from a Mac terminal command line you might notice that its output is not displayed correctly, unless you triple click the output area. To fix this the phing scripts needs to be fixed. Locate the script with: … Continue reading

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Video: Scrum in under 10 minutes

Nice video about how to start with Scrum:

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