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IE Javascript event nightmare

I thought it would be nice to disable a forms submit button once it was pressed once to prevent impatient users from clicking again and again if the post might take longer as expected. <input type=”submit” value=”Send” onclick=”this.disabled=true”/> But as … Continue reading

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Ajax & DHTML showroom

MinAjax is a great showroom for all the nice things you can add to a website. My personal favorites are: Prototype window Bubble tooltips Really Easy Field validation with Prototype HighSlide JS

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The “other” side of Scriptaculous

The JS library Scriptaculous is mainly know for its amazing effects and controls (e.g. AutoComplete, Drag&Drop, Sliders). However there is another side of it which is not as obvious. It contains a complete JS UnitTest framework which makes testing Javascript … Continue reading

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CSS/JS compression with PHP

When using Javascript and CSS extensively the sizes of these files are going to make a quite notable amount of a web site. Especially when using a JS framework it adds many KB to every file. I stumbled across a … Continue reading

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More crossfading…

After writing about CSS crossfading recently, I now came across JonDesign’s Smooth SlideShow Library which is a ready to use SlideShow which uses nice effects to fade between images and display meta information.

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CSS Crossfading

Crossfading with CSS – a nice effect based on Scriptaculous (see the demo).

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Prototype Carousel Class

If you liked the post about YUI Carousel Component but prefer Prototype / Scriptaculous as your favourite javascript libraries then this is for you: Prototype Carousel Class.

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JavaScript Image Cropper

I wish I had found this JavaScript Image Cropper UI (using Prototype and Scriptaculous) before we added another one to a project.

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Thomas Fuchs announced the redesign of the website. Now the site shows some of the magic it offers.

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FireBug – a web developer must-have

FireBug is one of the best Firefox extension I came across so far. It is the best companion for developing (and debugging) javascript. Here are some links which demonstrates its features: Debugging With Firebug Screencast

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