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Selenium testing: Get your XPath right with the help of Firebug

Creating Selenium tests you often will find yourself fiddling around with (hopefully not too complex) XPaths. If you are having Firebug installed you can use one of its lesser known features to speed up working with XPaths. Little example ? … Continue reading

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Testing autocomplete fields with Selenium

For quite a while I struggeled with testing autocomplete fields (like the one from the script.aculo.us library) using Selenium tests. As you may already know – the “type” command does not trigger the autocomplete to look for suggestions. You rather … Continue reading

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Selenium: Verify submit button is disabled after first click

To make sure a forms submit button is disabled after it is clicked once, a Selenium test should look like this: click _button verifyNotEditable _button true waitForPageToLoad 50000 The button will be clicked (without waiting). Then it verifies that the … Continue reading

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Selenium Testing with Prototype AJAX

If you are using Selenium to test your web application and you are having some AJAX in it, you may know that the waitForCondition assertion is your friend. According to the Selenium documentation it: Runs the specified JavaScript snippet repeatedly … Continue reading

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