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Bootstrap themed forms with Silex – UPDATE

In a side-project using Silex I wanted to have forms being styled with Bootstrap. I did not want to write the theming code myself. Since I couldn’t find a solution for Silex itself I thought about re-using a Symfony solution. … Continue reading

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phing: Publish PEAR package to channel

Publishing a PEAR package via a PEAR channel is normally done by uploading the package in the channels admin interface. While not a being very complicated task it asks for automation when releasing regularly. So I created a small phing … Continue reading

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XDebug with Zend Server CE on MacOS X Snow Leopard

After (finally) upgrading my Mac to Snow Leopard (a little late – I know) the xdebug module stopped working. I got “Failed loading /usr/local/zend/lib/php_extensions/ (null)” when launching php in Terminal (e.g. with running phpunit). Reinstalling xdebug did not help and … Continue reading

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Interesting article on references in PHP

Johannes Schlüters wrote a very interesting article on references in PHP. Already its title “Do not use PHP references” hints on its main conclusion: References in PHP are bad. Do not use them. They hurt and will just mess with … Continue reading

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Using Minify in a Zend Framework project

Minify is a project to help you improve your website performance by grouping, compressing and caching CSS and/or JS files. To use it in a Zend Framework project I suggest the following steps: 1. Download und unpack Minify 2. Split … Continue reading

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Zend Core 2.0 does not work with PEAR

Trying to install Zend Platform 3 for Windows I was surprised to see that it requires Zend Core 2.0 now. Ok, so it removed my installation of XAMP to give this one a try. Unfortunately the trial ended soon. My … Continue reading

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If Firebug impoved the way you do your web development (I bet it did) – and you do this with PHP, you might want to follow the FirePHP project. It brings the Firebug goodness into the PHP world.

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ezComponents Graph

Most PHP developers may know (or have used) JPGraph for creating chart images in PHP. Now there is a new player in the game: ezComponents now has its own Graph component. The tutorial shows some impressive examples. Besides that there … Continue reading

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CSS/JS compression with PHP

When using Javascript and CSS extensively the sizes of these files are going to make a quite notable amount of a web site. Especially when using a JS framework it adds many KB to every file. I stumbled across a … Continue reading

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Getting started with the Zend Framework

A “Getting Started“-PDF by Rob Allen. Update (04/06/2007): Rob updated his tutorial to reflect the many changes to the Zend Framework. Mainly the MVC part has been streamlined and now it looks even better than before. The tutorial has been … Continue reading

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