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Twitter Bootstrap – no more excuses

Twitter Bootstrap is a very well structured set of CSS classes paired with some JavaScript components which makes it easy to create good looking websites. By default it has a Twitteresque look but it can be customized very extensively. Besides … Continue reading

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Selenium Testing with Prototype AJAX

If you are using Selenium to test your web application and you are having some AJAX in it, you may know that the waitForCondition assertion is your friend. According to the Selenium documentation it: Runs the specified JavaScript snippet repeatedly … Continue reading

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IE Javascript event nightmare

I thought it would be nice to disable a forms submit button once it was pressed once to prevent impatient users from clicking again and again if the post might take longer as expected. <input type=”submit” value=”Send” onclick=”this.disabled=true”/> But as … Continue reading

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Ajax & DHTML showroom

MinAjax is a great showroom for all the nice things you can add to a website. My personal favorites are: Prototype window Bubble tooltips Really Easy Field validation with Prototype HighSlide JS

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The “other” side of Scriptaculous

The JS library Scriptaculous is mainly know for its amazing effects and controls (e.g. AutoComplete, Drag&Drop, Sliders). However there is another side of it which is not as obvious. It contains a complete JS UnitTest framework which makes testing Javascript … Continue reading

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Prototype Carousel Class

If you liked the post about YUI Carousel Component but prefer Prototype / Scriptaculous as your favourite javascript libraries then this is for you: Prototype Carousel Class.

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JavaScript Image Cropper

I wish I had found this JavaScript Image Cropper UI (using Prototype and Scriptaculous) before we added another one to a project.

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