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MongoDB for Developers

I finished the “M101P: MongoDB for Developers” course from MongoDB University with a 100% score.

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L’Hymne à l’amour

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What A Wonderful World – Trombone Arrangement

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Twitter Bootstrap – no more excuses

Twitter Bootstrap is a very well structured set of CSS classes paired with some JavaScript components which makes it easy to create good looking websites. By default it has a Twitteresque look but it can be customized very extensively. Besides … Continue reading

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Ubuntu: Diff tool with file browser integration

Having installed a new Ubuntu VM (for testing purposes) I was looking for visual diff tool with nice UI integration. Windows users: think of WinMerge being launched by selecting two files in Explorer and compare them from the context menu. … Continue reading

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Throughout the last weeks and month I made experiences by myself to that subject. Lately I found two very nice statements about this topic: First an article title “The Number One Developer Productivity Tool” (via @weierohpinney) which refers to an article … Continue reading

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Strange effects with phing in Mac terminal app

When using phing from a Mac terminal command line you might notice that its output is not displayed correctly, unless you triple click the output area. To fix this the phing scripts needs to be fixed. Locate the script with: … Continue reading

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Video: Scrum in under 10 minutes

Nice video about how to start with Scrum:

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Selenium testing: Get your XPath right with the help of Firebug

Creating Selenium tests you often will find yourself fiddling around with (hopefully not too complex) XPaths. If you are having Firebug installed you can use one of its lesser known features to speed up working with XPaths. Little example ? … Continue reading

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Do you print your emails?

Recently I got an email containing a signature which made me wonder. This signature said: “Please check if this mail needs to be printed.” So there must be people printing (all) their emails. Strange!

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