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MongoDB for Developers

I finished the “M101P: MongoDB for Developers” course from MongoDB University with a 100% score. Advertisements

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L’Hymne à l’amour

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What A Wonderful World – Trombone Arrangement

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Bootstrap themed forms with Silex – UPDATE

In a side-project using Silex I wanted to have forms being styled with Bootstrap. I did not want to write the theming code myself. Since I couldn’t find a solution for Silex itself I thought about re-using a Symfony solution. … Continue reading

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Twitter Bootstrap – no more excuses

Twitter Bootstrap is a very well structured set of CSS classes paired with some JavaScript components which makes it easy to create good looking websites. By default it has a Twitteresque look but it can be customized very extensively. Besides … Continue reading

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phing: Publish PEAR package to channel

Publishing a PEAR package via a PEAR channel is normally done by uploading the package in the channels admin interface. While not a being very complicated task it asks for automation when releasing regularly. So I created a small phing … Continue reading

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XDebug with Zend Server CE on MacOS X Snow Leopard

After (finally) upgrading my Mac to Snow Leopard (a little late – I know) the xdebug module stopped working. I got “Failed loading /usr/local/zend/lib/php_extensions/ (null)” when launching php in Terminal (e.g. with running phpunit). Reinstalling xdebug did not help and … Continue reading

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