Firefox: Save session state

By default Firefox 2 recovers tabs and windows after a crash only. However you can tell it to always “Show my windows and tabs from last time”:

Firefox2 Setting

PS: Applies to Firefox 2 which is the current version as of this writing.

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5 Responses to Firefox: Save session state

  1. ventureskills says:

    This is a great feature, I use to have an extension that did this but it was probably the cause of Firefox crashes (though to its credit it did actually restore things) however I think my favourite new feature is the spell checker amongst others
    I have become something of a Firefox extensions junkie care to recommend any?

  2. Roel says:

    I really thought that that was funny “I have become something of a Firefox extensions junkie” – just give me some 🙂

  3. Ondra says:

    With Save Session, you can choose to save the current session and close Firefox for the next startup.
    This works best if you USUALLY want to launch Firefox with your default homepages or blank page but SOMETIMES want to start with the previous session.

  4. Earn says:

    Thanks a lot! I needed this and I found your blog from google. Nice!

  5. tobias says:

    Thanks a lot. Friends is great!

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